Here is my portfolio — a mix of works with different people during individual or team photo sessions and informal events.

The majority of my works is in color but I also enjoy making black and white pictures. I think there are shots (especially portraits) that definitely look better in black and white. For these kinds of shots, monochrome is the best way to enhance their beauty.

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Storytelling photography

Chasing and being chased, reading, flying with an umbrella. Oh, and there’s a microscope, too. And the candles. Do not ask me why, just see all it yourself.


Studio photo sessions

Feel like experimenting with your style? Looking for some unusual pictures? Maybe you just feel your self a queen (or a king) in a vintage interior? Studio shooting can provide more lighting opportunities than open-air sessions. No rain or clouds can spoil your photo experience in a studio.


Photos of your team

Are you a business owner or a startup? It would be my pleasure to help you create images of your team and/or coworkers. Would you like me to capture you work process? Or your team having fun during a coffee break? In the office or in the streets? Up to you!


Portrait photography

Let me capture beautiful and emotional pictures of you that will save your best memories. The shots filled with light and warmness, created to keep those memories back. 


My style of shooting portraits is mainly about genre photography. I use minimum posing and maximum presence in the moment with attention to details, emotions, the environment.


Event photography in Stockholm

The events I photograph are mainly informal, for example, team building parties, private celebrations. I also shoot public events held in Stockholm, like Zombie Walk, Santa Run or a heavy metal concert.


You can rely on my fast reaction to changing environment, like in the photo below taken during TEDxStockholm event. The scene lasted for 3 sec and I was lucky to capture it.


Family memories

The best memories are the memories with your family, with your closest people, with the ones you love. That is the time of the highest quality and the highest value.


Love story

A soul in love radiates happiness around. I will capture those precious moments together wherever you would like them to happen: either on the beach during the sunset or in the city streets flooded with people, or at your home.


I'm Anastasiia Petrych, a portrait and event photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. 


If you're looking for a photographer to capture your life moments and to save them in beautiful pictures, you're in the right place!


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Views of Stockholm, Swedish nature and people on the streets of the capital of Scandinavia. This and much more is in my Instagram!


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