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My name is Anastasiia Petrych. Originally from Ukraine, I moved to Stockholm in February 2016.

Never thought I would be interested in photography until I made my first landscape shots in August 2014. Later I started to master the art of capturing beautiful portraits. The more I shot the more I found myself to fall in love with this mystery of memories creation using only a camera and vision.

In February 2016, I decided to stop my career of a software testing engineer and fully devote myself to photography.



People's emotions, life stories, informal events, the heartbeat of city streets, breathing of nature — you can see these themes in the majority of my work.

My favorite genre is reportage so I especially like (and I think I'm really good at taking) those moments to capture people doing their stuff, like during events.


As a separate branch of my work stands food photography. Starting as a people photographer, I thought it would be hard for me to switch to shooting inanimate objects. But it turned out to be an interesting journey. Especially when creating an intriguing story in the frame as I did with splashes (check them on Food page).



I love my husband Stas who is my greatest support ever. Thank you dear for your ocean of patience!

I adore my parents who believe in my vision and what I do.

Cycling is my second passion after photography. I prefer to handle terrain obstacles, riding in unpaved environments, rather than enjoying a high speed on the asphalt. So I own an mtb bike.