When I moved to Stockholm in February 2016, this coworking center became my window to Swedish traditions. It is called The Castle and is located in the heart of Stockholm, right near the Royal Palace. After the first several days of being there, I was surprised that people are so warm and open, and the community is very friendly and helpful. I met an awesome girl called Amalia who paints unique art on t-shirts by hand. I also was happy to photograph her event of celebrating strength which was held in The Castle too.

I strongly believe this coworking center is the place where the magic happens. Because it happened to me. Being surrounded by lots of creative people that are successful in their field of interest I gained even more confidence that I could also do what I want to do instead what I need to do.

At that time, I had been working as a software testing engineer for 3 years and photography had been my hobby for 1.5 years. I decided to quit my career in software testing and to go on with photography.

On April 8, The Castle was celebrating its first anniversary. As it is common for The Castle, all the participants were involved in the creating the party. That means that each person was doing something to help others to have a great party.

The theme was 'red': use anything red you can imagine. People were wearing red clothes, red makeup, drinking red cocktails and eating red food. Some people cooked food, others decorated the rooms. One girl was even singing for you if you suggested a song.

You could order a drink or make it yourself at one of the two bars. Tim's bar was for alcoholic stuff and Tom's bar was a non-alcoholic one. The guys at the bars were simply the gods! They made extremely tasteful drinks, everybody was happy :)

Oh, there was a music band with random members. Anyone who wanted to play an available music instrument could do this freely. And there was a girl with a wonderful voice! Man, I regret I heard her late so I made only one good shot of her.

But the most important was the aura of the event. Joyful and happy. As always in The Castle.
Welcome to the party!

Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.