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 Crimson sky, Assol and Grey, deep blue sea and eternal love... Romantic vibes are pulsating under the skin...

I was utterly lucky to watch this beauty revealing in real during the workshop by a talented Ukrainian photographer Julia Elinecka.

The shoot is based on a romantic novel created in 1921 by a Russian writer Alexander Grin. This book was very popular in the former Soviet Union and a film based on it was produced in 1961.

The story is about a young girl Assol raised in a village. Once she meets an old wizard and he promises her that a prince will come on a ship with scarlet sails to take her away. Though all the villagers laugh at her, she believes her dream will come true one day.

I tried all my best to convey the sense of a fairy tale, of a fabulous tenderness between Oxana (Assol) and Maxim (Grey). Enjoy a photo version of the old story.

Decoration: In Love
MUAH: Veronica Titkova


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