All Saints Day in Stockholm 2016 (Alla Helgons dag)

All Saints Day in Sweden (Alla Helgons Dag) is celebrated on the first November Saturday. On this day people go to the cemeteries and light candles to commemorate their departed relatives.


This year in Stockholm there also supposed to be a Halloween parade. But we were there, saw not so many people wearing thematic clothes and makeup, and decided that nothing special is going to happen. Visitors were making shots with those who were wearing all thematic stuff, everybody were drinking free cold drinks, nothing special :)


​Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.

After hanging around one hour at the center of the city watching Halloween people we headed to one of the biggest cemeteries in Stockholm - The Woodland Cemetry (Skogskyrkogården). It's been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994. A very beautiful and peaceful place. Just look at it yourselves.


The photos from the cemetery were made at 25,500 ISO, that's why they are so grainy. Sorry, didn't bring a tripod, anyway, I had no time for it.