Drottningholm Palace in summer

The Drottningholm Palace is the permanent home residence of the Swedish royal family. Location: Stockholm.


I've never been inside the palace or any buildings on the territory but I've visited the park several times in different seasons. You can read some info about it in the previous post about the palace, and compare the photos of Drottningholm Palace in white January and golden October. Can you spot how many identical photos I took during all three seasons? I mean the photos with the same view.


As I've written before, the park around the palace is a popular place among both locals and tourists. There's a small island where dogs with their owners can spend a lot of time doing whatever they want. Like this cutie, for example. How many dog tails are in this picture? :D



It's so interesting to visit a place in different seasons, with different weather and lighting. Though everything is so familiar, there are still a lot of details noticeable only in certain conditions. So how many identical photos have you seen in this post and in the previous one? :)