Poppy: blue-eyed sun

When I woke up yesterday the sky was covered with clouds that I became even happy. I was going to shoot a child outside so I was glad it was no bright sun. But at the time of shooting the sun did come out and it was difficult to get good photos because of harsh shadows. But anyway. Still captured some nice moments outside.


I've heard a lot that photographing children is considered one of the most difficult tasks (I'm not complaining, just sharing some thoughts). After yesterday, having tried it myself for the first time, I cannot but fully agree. I tried shooting sports and events with moving people and objects but. In sports, different events it is POSSIBLE to predict where a person/object will be the next moment. But that doesn't work for a child. Simply doesn't. This unpredictability gets in road for a photographer. Though it can also help to be creative.


Ok, let's get to the photos. Please welcome a two-year-old blue-eyed curly-haired sun! Named Poppy, she has a Swedish mom and an English dad. She perfectly understands both languages but I heard her speaking only Swedish when her dad was talking to her in English. Funny girl :)


Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.