Serenity at The Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården) in Stockholm after All Saints Day

When I moved to Stockholm in the beginning of February my huge fear was about the weather. I was afraid that I'd be always cold in this Northern part of the world, no matter what I wear. If at that time anyone had told me that I'd be photographing on a snowy and windy day I'd say that they didn't know me at all and I'm totally opposite to all Swedes and all Nordic people. When it's +15°C in the autumn you'll see me wearing wool clothes and gloves. When it's lowering to +13°C I start wearing a hood and a warm jacket filled with feather and down. Well, for Ukraine it's quite ok but Children of the North (literally, kids!) can wear light jackets and no hats when it's snowing!


Ok, what I want to say that I'd prefer to stay at home when the weather is changing to winter. But when I have a passion for something... it can be completely another story.


Today I wanted to photograph a very beautiful cemetery — Skogskyrkogården. It's on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Yesterday it was All Saints Day (Alla Helgons Dag) in Sweden when people went to the cemeteries and lit candles to commemorate their departed relatives. I and my friends went to Skogskyrkogården when it was dark and I hardly managed to take pictures with my Nikon without a tripod (perfectly grainy at 25,500 ISO ha-ha!). I've posted several night pictures in the previous post.


Of course three pictures are not enough for a creative soul, I kept longing for more. Today I wished to touch yesterday's mood at least a little, to capture that coziness I saw the previous evening. A few words about the weather today: just -1°C, windy and snowy. No, not just snowy — snoooooooooowy. Sometimes it felt like: "Oh mummy I promise to be a good girl, please take me home and cover with the warmest blanket we have!"


I'm not making a hero out of myself, no. I am really surprised that I managed to do this shooting. Yeah, it's definitely not the worst day in winter but you all know that it's so uncomfortable when the weather changes in between seasons. It takes several days (sometimes weeks) to get used to a new temperature mode and wind and humidity.


Well, the post is actually is not about my relationship with Swedish weather :D It's about a warm and beautiful holiday. I've been to Skogskyrkogården several times in summer and autumn, it was charming. Hills and forests, new and old graves, with flowers on them or just wooden crosses.


Now I've seen it in winter - and it's still amazing. Fresh snow and glowing candles create the holiday's mood. I've always felt very cozy and comfortable at this cemetery. Well, it may seem strange, but I know at least one person who feels the same. She is a guide in Stockholm (hello Ira!). One day her Instagram post inspired me to explore Skogskyrkogården.


Today there were quite many people at the cemetery but of course not thousands as on All Saints Day. Still, a lot of candles were glowing and people came to light even more. It felt so cozy despite continuous snow... and freezing fingers :D


I think I told everything I wanted to tell, it's time to get to the photos :)


P. S. If you know an interesting place in Stockholm to explore please let me know. I'd also love to hear your comments and feedback friends! I'll be happy to get a line or two from you if you've read the text to the end :D


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