Skansen in December without snow

Skansen is the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891 in Stockholm. There you can see how Swedes lived even five centuries ago. There's also a big open-air zoo with Scandinavian animals, both domestic and wild, and several buildings with exotic animals. Children can enjoy a special zoo where they keep small domestic animals like goats and chicks.


Well, my photo story is far from comprehensive, because it wasn't my goal. I just want to give an overview of this beautiful and interesting place.

Me, my husband and a couple of friends visited Skansen on December 24, 2016, when the admission was free. By the way, it's always free on that day. There were not so many people as it could be during other holidays but still more than I had expected.


Some interesting points why Skansen is worth visiting during big holidays:
- you can see how some animals are being fed (we saw a gray owl, for example);
- you can steel buy some presents though Christmas market is over;
- they often conduct different master classes in making glass, or bread, or whatever but not the day before Christmas :D


Visiting Skansen just by itself would take 3-4 hours and if there are any special activities, consider spending there the whole day. Find more info on their site.


​Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.