Stockholm Pride 2016: Scandinavian largest LGBT+ parade

"Marching for those who can't". This was the motto of the first group opening Stockholm Pride this year. The people in that group were with taped mouths.

Other strong mottos that are captured in the images below:

"I ain't sorry",

"Proud parents of LGBTQ-children",

"We don't divide men and women 'cos everyone can win in the sport of horse riding",

"Thank you, doctor! Now my family got the certificate of honor",


"I'm so gay that I can't even drive straight".



Stockholm Pride is a large festival with a vast variety of activities, I photographed only the parade. It was held on the 30th of July, starting from the City Hall which you can see in the last picture of the series.


Lots of children and even babies, adults of different ages, even pets. All possible colors both in clothes and in skin. And millions of rainbows — in small flags, in big flags, in badges and reflecting in the eyes of the participants.


Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.