Stockholm snowy views: best of winter 2016-2017

The winter 2016-2017 was rich in snow. I hope in the middle of March we can talk about winter in the past tense :) It’s been really much snow, really cold days without the sunshine, so now it’s time to move on with seasons.


The first snowfall occurred on November 9. It was the heaviest one for the last 111 years in Stockholm resulting in blocking of overland transport. A lot of people just abandoned their cars on the streets, the majority of busses was canceled.


But it was so beautiful all the way around! I decided to seize the opportunity and photograph all that crazy white wonderland. I remember it very vividly even now, even after 4 months. Cold snowy wind blowing in my face and in my camera, my feet are getting deeper and deeper into the snowdrifts which are just getting larger every minute. After a quarter of an hour outside I literally felt ice on my face. But I didn’t freeze to death though it was quite possible :D


The photos of Stockholm in this gallery were taken from November 2016 to March 8, 2017. Read the captions for location tips. Let’s start with the photos from that heavy snowfall.


Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.


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Södermalm winter photos

The Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården)

The Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården) is super beautiful on All Saints Day when millions of candles are lit. Read more and watch photos of The Woodland Cemetery.

Djurgården covered with snow

A few more shots of Södermalm

Santa flood

Another beautiful snowfall was during Stockholm Santa Run in December.

Royal palaces

If you want to see how the Swedish royal family lives, visit the royal palaces, take a walk in the parks around them. I’ve been to two parks located in Stockholm: The Drottningholm Palace and Ulriksdal Palace.


Pink sunset over central Stockholm

I was happy to capture pink clouds over the city center. With ever changing weather in Stockholm you can't be sure you'll see a beautiful sunset. That day was my lucky day :) One of my most favorite series this winter.

Stockholm by night during Christmas time

Christmas lights transform the city into a night magic. I’ve made a series of Stockholm by night.

Central Stockholm under snow again in late February and early March

Here are the freshest shots, made in late February and early March. The last portions of ice in the water, which are floating away to the Baltic sea. Go away ice, go away! We’ll see you next winter :)

If you want to order prints, let me know by contacting via email or social media. Please specify the photo numbers which are under each photo.


Which photographs do you like the most? Pink? Black and whites?