Stockholm Street Festival, unicycling, and bubbles

Street art/graffiti, colorful bubbles, unicycling, a machine that prints on asphalt, and other tons of activities are happening right now in the center of Stockholm! Stockholm Street Festival is taking part during June 29 — July 3, 2016.


Just for your information: though I prefer shooting with my camera, there will be a couple of photos taken with my phone because it is sometimes more comfortable to shoot wide angle without changing the lens on the camera. Let's go!


Yesterday I saw even a cycling part of a triathlon, but let's start with artwork.

At Kungsträdgården you can observe the magical process of creating street art — that's Stockholm Urban Art. Some of Sweden's most skilled artists take part in it. I guess no one who enjoys this kind of art can miss it! The guys are all the talent.


Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.

Look at the bird — it seems like it'll take off the painting.

What about this strange machine?

It transfers sentences from an ordinary laptop and prints them on asphalt!

What's the chance of meeting a world champion (in anything) in the street? I'll tell you. If it is a Stockholm Street Festival, then the chance is 100%. Yesterday I saw one! The world champion in unicycling Jamey Mossengren from Canada was performing his great show in Kungsträdgården on July 2. Though he tells jokes all the time it is hard to imagine how much effort it takes to be confident at such kind of performing.

Then Jamey is getting prepared for the most exciting part of his show. Can you the tall unicycle hold by several men? That's 5 meters tall! Jamey's going to climb on it.

Success! What do you think he's going to at the top of his unicycle? Record a video for Youtube!

But it's not the end. Jamey's going to juggle three things including a big knife (or a machete, I don't know, sorry) while cycling and joking! Yes, men can also do multitasking, Jamey admits.

Jamey says that he is not paid for participating in the street festivals so his only hope is the spectators. By saying this he takes a bag and stands in "Please give me some money" pose. And children rushed! And not only children :)

I couldn't be less curious so after Jamey finished the show I asked him how many years he devoted to unicycling. The answer was simple: 25 years since he was a boy of 10. Wow! That's amazing! No surprise he became the world champion.


Oh, and the dog. Guess who was the most engaging spectator each time Jamey did something outstanding and the people were applauding? This smiling shaggy.

Around the place they were various interesting places that I don't know the name of, sorry.

The holiday is not a holiday without bubbles.

And that's definitely the place to grab your child and let him or her enjoy the life to its fullest. I think these children are in their personal paradise.

And several shots of the second part of the triathlon — cycling. I just happened to be an accident witness, didn't plan to shoot it.

Ooh... now I've seen a lot, tired and need to go home. The last shot before I go to the metro — gorgeous Gamla Stan (Old Town) and its oldest church Storkirka built in the 13th century.