The Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, in white January and golden October

The Drottningholm Palace is the permanent home residence of the Swedish royal family. I've visited it twice, in January 2017 and in October 2016, but walked only in the park, haven't got inside the palace yet. And I'd like to combine photographs from two different seasons in this post.


A couple of quick facts:

1. The park is free for admission all year round.

2. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. There are a lot of different birds in the more "natural" part of the park. I’ve seen them in October but not in January.

4. You can do whatever you like in the park: run, cycle, ski. Of course you're not supposed to violate laws. 


Hint: click on a photo to fit your screen, thus it's much more comfortable to watch vertical shots.


The park is super popular both with tourists and citizens. I've seen runners, cyclists, skiers, people walking with dogs and children, people riding from hills in winter. 



There's also the Chinese Pavilion built in 1753 as a birthday present for Queen Lovisa Ulrika from King Adolf Frederick. 



Oh forgot to introduce my friend. He occasionally accompanies me on my photo trips around Stockholm. In October 2016 we visited the park together but in January he refused to go due to low temperature. In the photo below he is inside a labyrinth, trying to get away from me but wasn't successful. Ha ha.



P.S. The Swedish royal family also prepares for winter.



More info about the Drottningholm Palace you can find on its web page.