Vacation in Croatia 2017

It's been several years since me and my husband had some dedicated sunbathing on the beach, so this year we decided to go to a sea resort to accumulate some heat in our bodies before a Swedish winter :)

We chose Istrian part of Croatia. Lived in Poreč, cycled to Green Lagoon (Zelena Laguna), took a bus ride to Rovinj and went by boat to Lim fjord (Limski zaljev).


1. Super delicious olives, grapes, prosciutto, cheese and wine.

2. Hot in the city but can be rather chilly on the beach in the shadow.

3. Used special shoes for swimming. They say there are some poisonous creatures in water. We haven't seen any but the shoes helped to walk on stones which are a looooot there.

4. Almost any dish can be shared for two.

5. A menu is usually totally the same all over same-level places. Both the prices and the variety of dishes.

6. You can find almost any popular dish on the menu: green or cheese salads, soups, burgers, pizza, all sorts of pasta, all sorts of sea food, any kind of meat. And all of this in one single menu!


I tried oysters for the first time ever but didn't like them although I like sea food in general.